Getting Rid Of Laptop Overheating Problem

Does your laptop overheats frequently and turns off? Does it take hours to cool down before you could start it again? Laptop overheating problem is amongst the most common ones that we have to experience in routine. Before looking into the solutions, let’s first consider what actually causes laptop to overheat.

One common sign of laptop facing overheating problem is unexpected rebooting, loud and noisy fan and even unexpected shut down. Sometimes the reason may be failure of laptop’s ventilator system. Dust accumulation inside the laptop obstructing ventilation flow can be another reason. Technically, the laptops can also overheat because of the inherent designing they have especially due to so much of the miniaturization which happens. Manufacturers stuff so many chips inside which make the laptops more vulnerable to overheating problem.

Here are some solutions to get rid of the laptop overheating problem.

Using cooling pads can be considered as good habit to avoid overheating. Though it’s not possible all the time to carry cooling pads along, it’s essential to use them while watching long movies for instance.


Cleaning exhaust system of your laptop can be helpful in getting rid of overheating issue with your laptop. With some care and caution the inside of the laptop can be cleaned.

As a precautionary measure, you should avoid exposing your laptop to dusty areas. If any dust manages to creep inside your laptop then it can result in improper ventilation.

You should always try to make sure that you work on your laptop in the areas that have considerably low temperatures. If there are air conditioners or fans available in the room then they should be turned ON for maintaining decent temperature.

A good thing to do is unplugging the computer on a frequent basis when you use it. If you fail to do so then you may have to face overheating issue quite often.