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Laptop is not starting

Among laptop issues which can really test your patience, a laptop not starting-up tops the list. You, however, do not need to distress yourself over it. Help is at hand.

A laptop not booting up could be the result of a corrupt hardware, dysfunctional screen or a fluctuating and uneven supply of power. Several factors could be contributing to this occurrence – a faulty display screen, a broken brightness button. In certain instances some Googled self-help tips may help you resolve the issue. But do such tips assure you soundly?

A safe-mode boot or a rescue disc are commonly advised fixes.

A safe-mode boot up helps you uuninstall drivers or new programs which could be impacting your laptop. This option also enables you to create a new user account, in case the ooriginal account is corrupted. A rescue disc helps you to start your laptop and resolve any issues being experienced on a Windows OS platform. In case of a virus infecting your laptop, the rescue disc via its suite of scanning tools can help you locate and remove the impacting malware.

An additional possible solution to starting-up your laptop would be replacing the CMOS battery. It stores the BIOS settings in the laptop’s motherboard. It generally works, if the laptop in use is an old one, where it’s turned off quite a bit or is extensively used without a battery. It’s pretty cost-effective to replace the existing CMOS battery with a new one.

Yet, the overall process of issue identification and then going about trying obtain a reliable quality spare can often prove to be a nerve-wracking experience. Give us a call to have our experts step in to for an effective issue resolution. A reliable service and an assurance of quality spares, is now just a call away.

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