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Laptop Water Damage Repair

Water and computers just do not mix. If you happen to spill some water on a computer machine, or even some other liquid, just do not panic. Consider the simple steps given below first to avoid maximum possible water damage before opting to hire professional to repair water damage computer.

First of all, you should turn the computer off the soonest it is possible for you and then remove all the batteries or cords that may be plugged into the machine. If it’s a laptop, turn it upside down in order to make sure that any water inside it can be drained out and should not damage the inside parts any further. If there is some blow-dryer easily available to you then you can simply speed up the process of drying up your machine by setting the dryer to lowest possible heat setting before using it to blow the device.

Usually, there is no typical situation when it comes to repairing liquid damage. Every time, the nature of damage can be different and the kind of repair needed can only be established after taking a look into the actual condition of the water damaged computer. Sometimes a keyboard replacement may be needed to make your laptop start functioning properly again, while on other occasions the motherboard may even need to be replaced completely.

So, it is important that after you have done the initial precautionary steps mentioned above, you should look for a reliable technician for repairing your water damaged computer. At Geeks Callout, we are very skilled and know exactly how to revive the machine after possible water damage. We will assess the kind of damage that might have happened to your machine and then give you a quote for the job. 


Generally, we charge $300 labor plus the cost of the parts. 

Time Frame

Usually, if we have the parts in stock, it will take 2 to 3 days. However, if we have to order the parts, it can take up to one week mainly depends on the postage.

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