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Same day laptop screen repair service for most of the Laptops

The core component of a laptop for any user is the display screen. If you do not have any display on your laptop screen, it could be due to your laptop screen dying down or there may be a problem with the laptop’s video card. A dim screen issue is when the laptop or MacBook screen may appear dead or blacked out. However, a closer look indicates the faint presence of onscreen images. This would confirm that the laptop’s backlight has died out. In such scenarios, our services assure you that a screen repair would turn out to be far more viable than going in for a complete replacement of your laptop screen.

Afford & Reliable Screen Repair 

Should you be experiencing any inexplicable shapes, or lines or if there’s static on your laptop’s screen, it could be your laptop’s video card acting up. The motherboard type has a direct correlation with the video-card type and the kind of repairs it may entail. Rather than harrying yourself over costs, replacement search, or any unverifiable self-help solution, ease back and contact us. Not only will our experienced Computer technicians in Perth instantly diagnose the screen ailment impacting your experience, they’ll also ensure timely repairs to get you back in action.

If the above indicators get duplicated when you connect your laptop to a monitor, it’s certain to be either a screen issue or a problematic video card. In case these symptoms do not duplicate, it’s indicative of an impacting display.

A faulty RAM is a common cause of laptop display problems. Origins of this issue could range from a faulty pen drive plugged into your laptop, to a broken RAM in need of urgent replacement.

If you are looking for a quick laptop screen fix in Hobart that won’t cost you a whole fortune, you can’t find a better place than Computers Repair Hobart to get it done. We assure quality service at a cheap price!

Some other laptop screen Problems:
  • low brightness
  • irregular spots on laptop screens
  • laptop screens showing dead pixels
  • Straight line (Vertical or horizontal)

Quality screen-repair solutions by our experts and high-performance genuine spares ensure an unhindered continuance of your laptop experience. Reach out to us today for dependable and satisfaction-guaranteed service.


Laptop screen replacement start from $300 excluding GST.

We do not take any payment upfront. Once, your laptop screen is replaced and its working then the technician take the payment via card, cash or bank transfer.

It will take 2 to 3 days from the time you book the appointment.

No, once you book an appointment, we will come down to your home or office and replace then screen on-site

All of our screens comes with 1 year of warranty.

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