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Gaming PC & Custom Build Computer Repair in Perth

Geeks Callout is one of the few local businesses in Perth with extensive experience building, repairing, and servicing all types of gaming PCs that run the most GPU, CPU, and memory-hungry games you’ve ever had. Geeks Callout specializes in repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting branded or custom gaming PCs. There are problems with the CPU, GPU, water or oil cooling systems, fans, cooling pumps.

We have the expertise to fix and solve the most challenging issues, including troubleshooting, BIOS compatibility, optimizing the performance, upgrading, overclocking, and maintaining the performance of your Asus ROG, Dell XPS, Alienware, Razer Blade, or a custom-built gaming Laptop.

We have repaired and built a number of custom computers for our customers. We are proud of the right tools, knowledge, and experience in this field. The most common gaming Computer issues generally are:

  • FPS drops during the game
  • Motherboard, RAM, CPU compatibility issue
  • Gaming PC crashes after loading the game
  • Gaming Laptop heat up after sometime
  • Gaming PC hangs and is freezing without cause
  • Failure of SSD (or HDD or overheating
  • The Water-cooling system is not working properly
  • The smell of burning or liquids leaking
  • Power supply failed
  • Overheating issues
  • Computer freeze
  • Slowness and speed issues
  • Upgrade graphics card
  • Upgrades to Solid State Drives
  • Problems with booting
  • Gaming PC Bios update
  • No Display
  • Windows Logo Stuck
  • Update to Windows 11
  • Stuck in Bios Loop

We have seen many basic mistakes when building custom gaming machines made from MSI, Asus, Intel, Gigabyte, and ASRock to save cost. The most common issue is installing Windows in Legacy Mode. This can corrupt the OS when it goes to automatic update. Not to mention, the graphics card driver, peripheral devices, and other components were installed incorrectly. We have reason to be sceptical if you’re not an IT expert. Do not try. However, it seems simple enough building a Gaming machine requires a lot of information to avoid conflicts between hardware components. It is possible to put everything together and make it work, but components can damage each other in the long run if not installed correctly. Once we have repaired your computer, you are welcome to play any online games. Among all the possible options you should take a look at ice casino – a trusted platform, that offers plenty of options for each player, including renowned slot machines and an impressive array of table games.

Geeks Callout has professional tools and equipment to repair gaming Computers and run benchmarks and diagnostics to ensure all electrical components are in good health and not taking advantage of one another. If you’d like advice for free or arrange an engineer visit, contact us at 0469 118 256 to talk directly with our gaming expert.

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