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We fix all printer including Brother, HP, Epson, Canon and Kyocera

Printer Setup Up and Repair Service

Printers have become more advance and state-of-the-art technology over the years. Many printers can now print directly from digital devices like mobile phones, iPad, and even Tablets. However, it will be challenging for the layman to set them up and get the most out of it. We’ll send a technician to help you set up your printer or supply a printer (based on your needs) if you don’t have one.


Printer Setup

Most printer manufacturers expect the latest OS to install printer drivers automatically. However, this is not the case with every printer. There have been so many events where the latest OS fail to find the correct driver for the printer. This results in setup failure or printer working on the generic driver. You can always read more about common printer problems and solutions.

Nevertheless, we are here to help. If your printer can be connected to WiFi, we will add it to your wireless network. This allows you to print from any device on your computer. We can either help you set up a wireless network if it isn’t or you don’t own one. Or, we will connect your printer to your computer directly so you can print from there.

Printing with smartphones and tablets

Printing from tablets and smartphones (like iPads), can be more complex than printing from your computer.

We can help you if you have any problems. We will check that your printer is compatible and set it up to print from your devices.


If you have trouble printing, we can help. There could be many reasons for the problem. Do not give up on your printer! Let us come to you and troubleshoot the problem. 

NO Fix No Fee

Since we are good at what we do, we stand by the “No Fix No Fee” policy. Click here to read more.

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