Google now offers a universal version of Google Chrome

Google now offers a universal version of Google Chrome

Google now offers a universal version of Google Chrome

When it comes to using a web browser, Google Chrome seems to be at the top of the list for the majority of the users in the world today. While there are other browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, and Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome maintains its popularity unanimously by improving its user-friendly interface and features. 

Also, it provides a version of Chrome for Mac M1, meaning those who use Apple’s homemade chips will get an improved and more compatible version that functions super smoothly in M1 models. When the version was initially released, it offered Mac users an option to download the Chrome browser dedicated to intel-based chips or the one for M1. 

This step ensured that users with MacBook M1 could pick the Chrome version suited to their processor and download it while the Intel users could do the same for theirs for optimized performance. 

However, now Google offers the universal version of Chrome. This means the users now don’t have to choose a browser version fit for their processor but simply download Chrome with a single click and it will work efficiently for all Mac users (M1 and Intel). 

The launch of the Universal Chrome version helped clear up the confusion of many Mac users. Like some users who weren’t that well informed about this matter were using the wrong browser version, facing certain issues like slow performance, etc. So, Google resolved this problem by allowing users to download a Chrome version that’s compatible with both Intel and M1 Macs. 

How to download Google Chrome for Mac?


Follow the steps below for downloading Chrome on Mac. 


Step 1: Go to the official website of Google or go to to download the universal Google Chrome.


Step 2: Open the “googlechrome.dmg” file. 


Step 3: You’d have to drag the Chrome button to the Local Applications Folder and open it. 


Step 4: Open the “Finder.” 


Step 5: You’ll spot a sidebar on the right side of the Chrome, and choose “Eject”. 


After completing the installation process, you can launch the browser and use it. If you want to make it your default browser then, go to the settings by clicking on the three dots. In the settings, you can go to the “Default browser” option and choose the “Make Google Chrome my default browser” option.   


How to update Chrome automatically? 


You can activate the automatic updates too so that every time a new upgrade is available, Chrome gets updated automatically. You can click on the three dots again and go to settings. In the sidebar, you’ll spot “About Chrome” click on it and turn on the automatic updates. You could also access the option by choosing “Help” from the menu displayed after clicking the three dots. More options will open up, choose “About Google Chrome” to activate the updates. 


The advantages Chrome browser offers:


  • It offers a developers mode where developers can continuously experiment and test their apps.  
  • The benefit of several themes, extensions and plugins for customization with a smooth, easy-to-use interface is provided to users. 
  • Users can access various types of channels and choose to become a part of Chrome’s testing of upcoming features. 
  • Provides advanced-level security from Malware, blocks ads and warns about websites that are not secure to visit.  
  • It is super speedy and provides privacy. 


The Downside:


The downside Chrome brings lies in the privacy part. The users often complain that Google tracks their online browsing and makes a profile to show ads but, whatever the reason, violating a user’s privacy and tracking their every move is unacceptable. So, Chrome isn’t a safe browser as far as privacy is concerned. You can read more about Chrome’s privacy issues here

Final Words:

A large chunk of people use Google Chrome today, thanks to its fast and responsive browsing capabilities. Mac users can easily download Universal Chrome as there isn’t any separation between the versions for Intel and M1 now. Users can set this browser as their default browser to use instead of Safari for regular web browsing.