How do you Drag a Window on your Computer Desktop

How do you Drag a Window on your Computer Desktop

How do you Drag a Window on your Computer Desktop

Dragging a window on your computer desktop is pretty straightforward. In this article, we’ll give you easy tips that would help you resize windows and move them freely on the home screen with convenience.

Method 1: Use the mouse

You must have seen the cube-like box right next to the cross symbol on the top corner of the windows bar. Move your pointer to that square-shaped sign, it’ll show you different size templates from which you can choose one and resize windows.

After choosing your preferred size, you may left-click on the windows bar and hold that click to drag the windows anywhere on the home screen.

You can also directly left-click on the cube-like box to exit the full-screen mode and then hold the left-click on the windows/title bar to move the screen however you like. Moreover, if you want you can resize it manually as well by dragging it by the sides.

How to drag a tab and open in a new window?

To drag a tab from one window and open it in a new one individually, you may click to open it first. Then hold the left-click on that particular tab to move it downwards. The tab will now open separately as a new window.

Remember, if you click on the title bar, it will move the entire window with all the tabs in it; so click specifically on the tab you want to move from its location.

How to drag windows into a Split-window view:

The Split-windows might be the best thing for all the multi taskers out there. You can open a maximum of four windows at a time. Meanwhile, more windows could also be opened over the others. You may either replace them with the ones that are already filling the screen in a set position or manually drag them over the previously opened screens.

You can do this by dragging as many tabs downwards as you like and use them as separate windows. The cube-like symbol would give you options to resize the windows and open them side by side or up and down simultaneously. Remember that you can always change the size of the window manually as well.

Method 2: Use the keyboard:

You can also use the keyboard to pull the screen with the help of the arrow keys. By pressing ALT + SpaceBar, a menu will open on the top of the windows bar. You can also access the same menu by right clicking on the title bar.

If you have no mouse, then use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. Use the “Down” arrow key to select “Restore” and thumb the “Enter” key. Then, open the menu again and select the “Move” option this time. Now, you may utilize all the arrow keys to pull the window in any direction.

Final Words:

We explained how you can drag a window on your computer desktop. Hopefully, this won’t be a daunting task for you anymore because by following our easy steps, you can not only move a window or drag a tab but also use them simultaneously in a split-view.