How to connect Fuji Xerox Printer to Wifi

How to connect Fuji Xerox Printer to Wifi

How to connect Fuji Xerox Printer to Wifi​

If you are here to know how to connect fuji xerox printers to wifi, we have got you covered. This article will explain how to set up a fuji xerox wireless printer and connect it to wifi. Thanks to the wireless connection, you’ll never have to deal with the messy entangled cords again. Also, you’ll benefit from connecting several devices like cell phones or tablets with the printer to take out prints.

Fuji Xerox wireless printer setup:

Fuji Xerox printers have a built-in wireless feature or an optional wireless network adapter. If your printer has a built-in wireless function, setting up the wireless printer setup becomes really quick and straightforward. For starters, you must know your wifi network’s SSID (service set identifier), password, security, and encryption type.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu of your PC/laptop and click on the control panel.

Step 2: Open “Network and Internet” and select “Network and Sharing Center.”

Step 3: Go to “Manage wireless networks” and click on the wifi network you use.

Step 4: Now, note down the information about your SSID, security, and encryption type.

For printers with optional wireless network adapter:

You have to install the adapter to enable the connection with the wifi. You can find the wireless network adapter plugging into the back of the control board. Once you install the adapter, it’ll configure the wireless networks and enable connection with them. Follow the steps below to install the wireless network adapter.

Step 1: Press the power/wake button on the control panel. It’ll give you options; choose power off.

Step 2: Open the front door. Turn off the main power switch.

Step 3: Remove the packing from the wireless network adapter.

Step 4: Follow the instructions given with the wireless network adapter and complete the installation process.

How to connect Fuji Xerox printer to wifi?

Let’s move on to the methods you can use to connect Fuji Xerox printers to wifi.

Method 1: Connect through the wifi Wizard 

This method is quick and easy. The printer will show you a list of available wifi networks. You’d have to select one and automatically let the printer connect to wifi.

  • Go to the printer’s control panel and log in as the administrator.
  • Open the Home/Menu.
  • Go to Device > Connectivity > Wi-Fi.
  • You’ll see a list of available wireless networks. Click on the name of your wireless network to connect.
  • If it asks for the network’s password, enter it and press OK.
  • Return to the Home/Menu button.
  • Restart the printer to activate the wifi settings.

Method 2(a): WPS using PBC (Push button connection)

This method allows a secure connection with only a push of a button. However, you have to ensure that the router is configured correctly and WPS compliant.

  • Go to the control panel and log in as the administrator.
  • Press the Menu/Home button.
  • Go to Device > Connectivity > Wi-Fi.
  • Open Manual Setup
  • Go to wifi protected Setup (WPS)

NOTE: If you can’t find the wifi Protected Setup (WPS) option, at the top of the screen, open Manual Setup, then tap PBC. Tap on OK.

  • On the wifi router, press the WPS button. The wireless router shows setup information for 120 seconds.
  • Now, restart the printer to activate the new network settings.

Method 2(b): WPS using Pin (Personal Identification Number)

WPS-Pin allows automatic connection with the router using a Pin code. The printer and wireless router recognize the pin and exchange information to connect to the wifi network.

  • Open the printer’s control panel and log in as the administrator.
  • Go to the Menu/Home button.
  • Select Device > Connectivity > Wi-Fi.
  • Open the wireless router control panel on the PC and click on the “Add WPS Client” option.
  • Choose the “PIN Method.” The wireless router control panel prompts a pop-up window box ready for the PIN.
  • Now, return to the printer’s control panel to the wifi settings.
  • Tap Manual Setup.
  • Tap on wifi Protected Setup (WPS).
  • Open the PIN.
  • Note the PIN from the screen and tap OK. The printer starts broadcasting using the shown PIN Code.
  • The printer continues processing for 120 seconds. After locating the wireless router, the network connection becomes successful.

NOTE: The steps may vary with different router brands. You can consult the router’s manual to find more details. Also, if you’re a non-administrator user, you won’t get access to the WPS internal settings page. In that case, contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance. You could also select another connection method.

Method 3: Connect to wifi manually using the printer’s control panel

This method is identical to the first one. The only difference is that you manually input the wifi details to connect to the wireless network. Follow the same steps from method 1 to go to the manual setup.

  • At the manual setup, configure the wifi settings by entering the required information.
  • When you’re asked for the SSID (wireless network) name, put in the name of your SSID network and press OK.
  • For security, choose the security option your router uses.
  • Go to password, type in your wifi password, and tap OK.
  • Go back to the Home button and restart the printer.

Are you still having trouble setting up the printer to the wifi? Call us right now, and we’ll help you.