Printer Maintenance Checklist

Printer Maintenance Checklist

Printer maintenance checklist

A printer is a much-needed machine used in every office/educational establishment, and its maintenance is essential for long-term use. Here, we’ll give you useful tips on cleaning and maintaining your printer to keep it in excellent working condition and prolong its lifespan.

Printer Maintenance Checklist:

Before you get ready to clean the printer and grab the materials required, remember to read the manual that comes with it. In case you feel too lazy to do that, at least watch a YouTube video on your specific printer that demonstrates cleaning. However, we emphasize that you read the manual because it will give you accurate and authentic information about all aspects of your printer.

Secondly, ensure you turn off the printer by pressing the off button and letting the machine shut down. Then, take the plug off to be safe from electrical current during the cleaning process. 

1- Wear a mask and gloves:

It would help if you took precautions when cleaning the printer, like covering your face with a mask and wearing gloves to protect your face and hands from the toxic ink that could harm you.

2- Take out the ink heads and clean:

Wipe the printer from the outside using a lint-free cloth. Then, please take out the ink heads and soak them in a mix of water and isopropyl alcohol, using equal quantities of each liquid. Gently wipe them and let them get dry. Clean the scanner delicately using a brush with lighter bristles and wipe all the dust and grime away from the internal parts. You’ll also find a lot of paper clutter and ink spots, clean it well but use soft hands, so you don’t damage any parts.

3- Cleanse the paper feeder rollers:

The rollers consist of a rubber part, a lint-free cloth, and a mix of water and alcohol made from equal quantities of both to clean it. The rubbers should be cleaned because they help shift the printer’s pages. So, rub the cloth damp with the liquid mix two to three times on the rubber and the rest of the roller part until the remnants of ink or toner cartridges come off.

4- Keep the machine turned off when not in use:

Other than cleaning, another maintenance tip you’ll find useful in keeping the printer turned off by using the turn-off button when it isn’t used for a long time. The turning off will prevent the cartridges from drying up. Also, cover the printer with a sheet so the dust doesn’t get to make its way into the hardware.

5- Keep the printer in a cool and dry place:

You must know how overheating can ruin machines; therefore, it is necessary to keep all machines cool using whatever means possible. So likewise, you must keep the printer in a cool and dry place, away from other computers, to prevent hot air from reaching it. This will help maintain the printer’s excellent printing quality for years.

6- Buy only high-quality cartridges:

We know that cartridges are expensive; however, that doesn’t mean you should buy low-quality ones for a low price to save money that will only cost you a lot more in the future. Low-quality cartridges give bad print results and cause wear and tear in the hardware. So, what would be your choice, get cheap cartridges and ruin the printer or buy high-quality ones for the sake of excellent printing and longevity of the machine.

7- Replace the toner on time:

You must take notice of when it is the time to replace the consumables. The printer usually notifies you whenever it is the time to replace the toner cartridge. If you don’t change it on time, the dried-up printer will not print correctly, wasting paper and damaging the printer heads. Also, make sure you read the instructions carefully before changing the toner.

8- Invest in a maintenance kit:

If you think you are good with tools and can handle changing replaceable parts in the printer, then investing in a maintenance kit would be a good idea. Maintenance kits usually contain common supplies and tools required in a printer when the time for replacement occurs. So, doesn’t matter if you use a laser or inkjet printer; the kit would contain parts necessary for both.

Final Thoughts:

You can prolong the lifespan of your printer if you clean it regularly with gentle hands, follow the instructions given in the manual while replacing the consumables and other parts like rollers, and change consumables on time. These precautions will help keep up with the printer’s maintenance and printing quality. If there’s something you can’t handle on your own, you could contact a professional and let them take care of it for you.