Tips To Recover Data From Your Dead External Hard Drive?

Your hard disk drive keeps a lot of important data and you just can’t afford to see it becoming inaccessible. But such unfortunate things are bound to happen and when you’re faced with such a situation, you just don’t need to panic. Fortunately, there are ways that you can employ for getting all your important data recovered. What’s even better is that you can even do it yourself without any expert help.

Credit: ramarcsolutions


Check Cables And Enclosures To See If Your Hard Drive Works

When external hard disk drives fail, it is very much likely that they aren’t dead and just need some troubleshooting with cables and enclosures. On most occasions, the connection inside the enclosure is causing the problem and you can easily revive your hard disk drive to access all your important data.

Before opening up the hardware, make sure that you discharge the static electricity of your body by grounding yourself. Take the hard disk drive out of its casing and use IDE/SATA data cable as well as the power connector for installing the hard drive on your computer internally. As an alternate, it is a good idea to invest in a USB enclosure or IDE/SATA to USB adapter as it will allow you to externally hook your hard drive up using USB.

Once the external hard drive has been reconnected to the computer, and the actual problem was with the enclosure, the hardware will be recognized by Windows and will be assigned a certain letter as with the other drives.  You will be able to see the externally attached drive in File Explorer > This PC. It will also be available under the Disk drives section in Device Manager.

However, if the drive did not show up in these locations, you may want to find it out manually to narrow down the problem further.

What If The Problem Doesn’t Lie With The Cables?

Well, in that case, your best option would be to take help from us to sort out the problem for you. On most occasions, we will have a solution to your problem and you can count on our professionally trained experts.

Data recovery from a dead hard drive might need some expertise and if you don’t want to risk your important data, it is always recommended that you take help from the experts or use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.