Windows 11 Latest Features


Windows 11 was unveiled at the big event held on June 24th at Microsoft’s virtual event which confirmed some big changes to the long-standing operating system. The full version of Windows 11 will be publicly released on October 5th.

Window 11 is focusing on improving the user experience through a seamless redesign in the start menu, task bar positing, and much more. There will also be plenty of other discoveries in Windows 11 after additional updates. In this blog, we are here to discuss everything that is confirmed so far from Microsoft.


Smart Menu

The all-new smart menu will bring an exciting experience to small-medium enterprises, corporations, companies, and individual users. To provide the best experience smart menu is repositioned to the center of the screen.


Windows 11 also introduce widgets that can provide information about weather, news, market stocks, and other necessary updates at a glance. These widgets can easily be accessed directly from the windows where users can reposition or personalize them easily.

Team Integration

Microsoft Teams has now been direct with Windows 11 where a user can access the team through the taskbar. Team integration provides a faster and reliable way to connect and start chatting with the team right from the taskbar.

Finest Virtual Desktop Support

Windows 11 is the build to create an unmatched user experience. Window 11 will let you allow to set up a virtual desktop as MacOS. A user can also change the color of the desktop and personalize the virtual desktop easily.


The new multitasking feature enables users to get a high-quality experience. Window 11 is featured with snap layouts which allow the user to arrange the several windows across the screen not only horizontal, vertical, side-by-side but also in columns and much more.

Power and Battery

Power and battery features are greatly improved where a user can check the battery’s health with visual appearance under the power and battery control settings. To ensure energy consumption, a user can keep the battery on saver mode and adjust the power settings easily.

Multi-Monitor Support

Multi-Monitor support is also improved in Windows 11. When reconnecting the monitor, windows 11 remembers the previous setting and enables users to get it auto connected with the previous monitor.

Android Apps

Windows 11 is greatly featured with android apps where a user can download several android apps (i.e, TikTok and Facebook) easily and can run in the system without installing any third-party software.    

In the end, there are a number of improvements that made Window 11 exciting for small-medium enterprises, corporations, companies, and individual users. A few mentionable features include Xbox tech for better gaming, touch improvements, snipping tool, and much more. Once Window 11 will be generally available, you can download it the same way you would any new version of windows.