Computer upgrades: The tightrope balancing act

Among many memories that go into making up of one’s early childhood, a visit to the carnival-esque pomp and fancy of the Big-Top would be one. As time glides on and we take our place in the real world as contributing members of the society, we in ways replicate many of the Big-Top’s acts in our own ways. Balancing schedules is quite akin to walking the tightrope. A significant amount of this tightrope walking, today, is in some way or the other linked with computers.

Keeping a track of household bills, medical reports, educational projects, work-from-home documentations are just some of the many common day to day uses that a personal computer is used for. What makes it a tightrope walk, is the uncertainty and unexpected computer issues that could crop up at the drop of a hat.

Peripherals jamming up, network issues, fluctuating wireless connectivity and related hardware functioning (or the lack of it), unanticipated viruses or malwares disorienting the program functioning. And to budget out and incorporate the necessary troubleshooting fixes, we may perhaps, be adding to computer tech milieu an overwhelming knowledge of the latest upgrades. What complicates the new for the everyday home computer users, is the evolutionary of the industry. For e.g., software creators may suddenly come up with a new, ‘improved’ version of a current software on the system; whose changes maybe unique and hard to grasp, initially.

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