How Much To Replace Macbook Pro Battery

How Much To Replace Macbook Pro Battery

How much to replace Macbook Pro battery

Apple’s products are popular for their innovative designs and unique features. Their Macbook Pro laptops are well-loved by customers. However, a notebook is a machine. If it gets old and starts creating performance issues, it needs repairing or replacement. When it comes to the battery, no matter how expensive or classy a laptop you own, the battery will give out after a certain point in time and you’ll have to get it replaced.

MacBook Pro series are good at offering an excellent battery time and lifespan; however, they too will deteriorate with time. That’s when you’ll need a new battery to replace the existing one. So, if you’re wondering how much to replace the MacBook Pro battery, we’ll let you know.

Mac battery replacement cost:

There are a couple of ways you can use to get your battery replaced.

  • Contact Apple:

You can contact Apple to replace the battery for you. Firstly, you can check if the warranty covers the cost. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to pay the full fee. You may get a battery replacement service from Apple for the MacBook Pro for $199. However, the price would vary depending on your location. You also may be liable to pay a tax. Moreover, you must read the terms and conditions carefully before taking any step. Get more information here

  • Buy one from an online website:

If Apple seems expensive, you can opt for a less costly option like Amazon or iFixit. There will be many choices to pick from on Amazon for your MacBook Pro model. You can buy a suitable battery for a good price and either follow the DIY guide to put it in place or go to a local computer/laptop shop to get it replaced. iFixit might sell you a battery ranging from $60 to $150 according to your laptop model. LaptopBatteryExpress is another online shop that sells laptop parts at affordable prices. You might get a MacBook Pro battery for $70 to $130 here, according to your particular model.

  • Go directly to a laptop repair shop:

If you do not want to buy a battery yourself or replace it, you can go to a local repair shop and let them know what battery you want. If you want a Chinese battery or an original one, they listen to your demands and instructions. And according to your needs, they replace the battery for you. A top-notch repair shop harbors computer experts and specialists; that’s why, you won’t have much to worry about either and let them take care of it for you.

Final Thoughts:

MacBooks are excellent devices, but they are not free from unexpected defects or deterioration with time. Their various components, including the battery need care, and when the time comes, they would need repairs or replacements. We replace the MacBook Pro battery for you, ensuring you won’t pay us a penny more than is absolutely required.

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