How to Backup a Dead Surface Pro 3 Laptop

How to Backup a Dead Surface Pro 3 Laptop

How to Backup a Dead Surface Pro 3 Laptop​

These days people are much more aware of how tech works than in previous times. A decade ago or so, not many folks would know the significance of backing up their data. However, nowadays, people take special care of important files by copying them in other mediums like an external hard drive/USB or using Google backup. So, it’s unlikely that you would need to retrieve lost data from your dead surface pro 3 laptop.

On the contrary, mishaps happen all the time. Sometimes, you forget to copy an important document to your alternative storage device or that device itself gets corrupted, leaving you no other option than to recover data from the main device. That’s why here we’ll teach you how to backup a Surface Pro 3 laptop when it’s all dead and gone.

How to retrieve data from a busted Surface Pro 3 notebook:

A surface Pro 3 laptop incorporates a detachable SSD hard drive. If you want to access it, you’ll need to open the screen. Now, we won’t recommend you remove the screen in the usual circumstances. However, your laptop is inactive, waiting to be replaced with a new one. That’s why if in the recovery process you end up damaging the screen, it won’t matter. You can proceed to get rid of it.

Now that the screen is removed, you will be able to detach the SSD from your laptop. Use a hot-swap SSD bay to make the hard drive function again and backup all the data from it to your computer. You can easily retrieve all data now.


You can easily remove the SSD hard drive from Surface Pro 3 with all the correct tools. And use it to transfer data to a PC; however, if you don’t own the right tools or lack the confidence to pursue the method, contact our helpline. We are your computer and laptop repair specialists in Perth who can help you recover your data from a busted Surface Pro 3 and other models.