How to Clean Fingerprints off MacBook Screen

How to Clean Fingerprints off MacBook Screen

How to Clean Fingerprints off MacBook Screen

Keeping your laptop’s screen clean is a good practice to maintain its optimal working condition. A clean display provides clear visibility and less distraction from tasks, increasing concentration. However, people either forget this task or are too concerned about mistakenly damaging the screen. But, in this guide, we’ll give you tips that are safe to apply. So you won’t damage your MacBook screen.

Though we warn you to keep anything that could cause spilling accidents far away from the laptop, the majority of the time, spilling incidents become the reason for MacBook screen replacement. So, you must be cautious and not bring water near the MacBook. Let’s get to your query, “How to clean MacBook screen?” now.

How to get rid of fingerprints and stubborn smudges from the laptop screen?


  • Lint-free cloth
  • Water
  • 70% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution

Warning: Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, hard cloths, or aerosol sprays. 

1- Your first and most important step would be removing all cables and attached devices which means no battery or ethernet cable should be connected. Likewise, disconnect any gadget attached to the MacBook.

2- Now, shut down the device and let it cool in case it’s heated up from use.

3- If the screen is too dusty, use a dry microfiber cloth and gently use it to wipe the excessive dust.

4- Next, you should damp the lint-free cloth with water. Here, note three things:

  1. You mustn’t spray any water directly onto the screen.
  2. You mustn’t use a soaked cloth with liquid dripping.
  3. You mustn’t get any moisture into the open areas.

5- After ensuring that the lint-free cloth is reasonably damp, gently wipe the screen. Rubbing and grinding against the display can definitely damage the screen, so avoid using hard strokes.

6- If water doesn’t do the trick, don’t think about scrubbing hard. Rather use isopropyl alcohol solution, which should help clean smudges and fingerprints thoroughly.

Final Thoughts:

You can make your MacBook screen shine brighter than the moon in six easy steps. The required materials are also mostly available in every household, so you won’t have any difficulty finding anything. This should also motivate you to take care of your MacBook’s hygiene every two weeks. 

With that said, you can use the same instructions for cleaning the outer frame of the laptop; even if it has a Touchpad and Touch ID, the steps will work well.