Is It Worth Buying Trend Micro Home Network Security?

Is It Worth Buying Trend Micro Home Network Security?

Trend Micro is one of the popular antivirus software providers available on the market today. It provides an array of anti-malware apps for various platforms.

What is the Trend Micro Network Security?

Run and operated by XGen security, Trend Micro Network Security goes beyond next-generation IPS to offer a combination of cross-generational methods that apply the best technology at the right time.

The Trend Micro Security is a network-connected device that brings comfort and peace of mind to home and small office users without challenging software management or installation.

The device is composed of a small bock you plug into one of your router’s ethernet ports. After being activated via the smartphone app, it will scan all network traffic coming from the internet and navigate your home network. If any exploit or virus is detected, the software will block it and alert you through an app notification.

On top of that, the app shows all the devices connected to the network. It’s simple to make users and assign devices to single users and the devices’ icons and names. That makes determining things a little bit simpler.

The app makes it simple to deal with how people and devices use your network. For instance, you can set website filtering as well as bedtime settings for your children’s devices. Also, you can set an option to avoid network devices talking to one another to avoid internal attacks, apart from pure online threats. 

Overall, the Trend Micro Home Network is just a plug-and-play solution for your network. You won’t find any complicated settings to meddle with. You simply plug it into the same router and allow it to auto-configure.

That’s especially helpful if you have a network of guests who you never know if their handsets have spyware every time they join your network. With the app, you can block manually who’s permitted to join and who is not. If you need more information regarding the best antivirus protection feel free to visit the link