Is Windows 11 Good for Gaming PC?

Is Windows 11 Good for Gaming PC?

Windows 11 has brought a lot of exciting new features and advancements in performance. However, it has a few bugs and causes numerous problems, like any other new system.
For average users, Windows 11 has done more good than the problem. But what about how gamers out there? Should you upgrade to Windows 11 for your gaming PC? Here’s everything you need to know.

What will happen if you do not update?

Microsoft plans to end its support for Windows 10 in 2025. Until then, no updates will be issued for it. However, that does not indicate Microsoft will oblige you to upgrade to Windows 11.

  • You will not have any difficulty sticking with Windows 11 before October 2025.
  • You can still use Windows 10 PCs and computers the same way you’ve been, just as after the last part of the support date.
  • The end of support for Windows 10 indicates the update will come to an end, and your PC may be more vulnerable than ever before. Still, it does not influence your typical system use.

So, should you upgrade?

You may want to install Windows 11 on your PC, especially if you’re craving better frame rates, faster load times, and closer integration with Game Pass. But remember the following things before you install it on your gaming PC.

  • Windows 11 is reported to trigger a problem with AMD processors, influencing the performance of a few games. AMD also warns its users of the problem in the Windows 11 performance variation in particular applications post. It confirms resolving the problem.
  • Two of the security features—HVCI and VBS—are heavy and can influence your PC a lot. They might reduce your gaming PC’s performance by as much as eight percent. Further, the VBS might cause as much as a twenty-eight percent frame-rate decrease in games.

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Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 11 or still hesitant?