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It rings many bells when one hears the name “IBM,” as it is the oldest computer manufacturing company that actively developed and produced electronic computers during the 1960s. While supercomputers were the main focus of this corporation, IBM  debuted in the market for Personal computers in 1981 and initiated the ThinkPad series in 1992.

The IBM Thinkpad series, targeted towards the corporate industry, is still going strong in the business sector; however, now owned by Lenovo, the Thinkpad laptops are every professional’s choice

Geeks Callout can easily handle IBM repairs. So, when searching for the “best PC repair shop near me” in Perth, you’ll find Geeks Callout at the top of the list. Call us now at 046 911 8256.

IBM Repairs perth 

Why Choose Geeks Callout for IBM computer repairs in Perth?

Our highly experienced technicians make us the best PC repair shop in Perth. We take great pride in our values and work ethics. Here at Geeks Callout, you won’t find us making false claims like other service providers. We value honesty and complete transparency. So, with policies like “no hidden fees” and “no fix, no fee” we aim to provide high-quality IBM laptop repairs to our customers.

  • IBM laptop screen repair:

Our certified technicians can repair or replace the screen of your Thinkpad laptop. It doesn’t matter what model you bring to us, we can take care of all IBM laptop issues.

  • Fix performance issues and screen freezes:

We are highly capable of fixing all sorts of performance issues related to the software and hardware. After running multiple hardware/software tests and detecting the precise issue, we ensure to fix the problem correctly. For instance, if your laptop screen freezes due to the hard disk wear and tear, according to its condition we either repair or replace it. 

  • Laptop not turning on:

If the laptop doesn’t turn on, our technicians can troubleshoot and analyze the cause and fix it for you. For instance, if the poor battery leads to this issue, we offer battery  replacement service to counter it.

  • Malware removal and data recovery:

We can eliminate malware and all traces of viruses from your computer, ensuring its security by configuring firewall settings and downloading a robust antivirus program. Moreover, our clean room lab allows us to restore data from the corrupted hard drive and safely transfer it to another external drive.

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We offer same-day remote or on-site IT services in Perth. Our technicians are the best you’ll find in your area. So, call us now at 046 911 8256 to book an appointment with one of our qualified and friendly technicians for IBM repairs.

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