Why Would You Use a Utility Such as SpeedFan

Why Would You Use a Utility Such as SpeedFan


We all are well aware of laptop overheating issues and how it can eventually affect not only the battery but also the processor. And if your laptop’s motherboard gets damaged too, think of all the money you’d have to invest in repairing all the components. Now, you could be a careful user who uses the laptop in an air-conditioned room to keep it cool or use a small cooler near it. Perhaps you use a cooling pad, so the question that stands is why would you use a utility such as a SpeedFan?

The short answer is that a SpeedFan gives more benefits than just keeping the laptop’s temperature cool, protecting it from overheating and slowing down system operations. For the long answer, read on!

What is a SpeedFan?

A SpeedFan is free software that monitors a laptop’s CPU temperatures, read voltages, and HDD temp while controlling the speed of fans, allowing you more control over your computer. This software can access the intelligent sensors built in the system, enabling it to read the current temp levels and give you precise information.

So, installing a Speedfan may help you monitor the system’s overall temperature levels and increase or decrease the speed of fans accordingly.

Is SpeedFan a safe choice?

You can download SpeedFan from its official website on your Windows OS laptop or desktop computer. Even though there are other choices for controlling fan speed, you’ll find SpeedFan the most popular. The users trust it, and the software developers also provide the support that results in an updated application with no space for bugs, errors, or malware to intrude into your device. So, yes, it is a safe virus-free genuine program that’s helpful for people. 

Now, if it is a safe choice in terms of the operations? Well, that depends entirely on how you use it. Speedfan gives you manual control, which means you are the one who should have the know-how on how to handle this software. If you don’t know how the settings work, you could damage the fans by messing up the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). But there’s nothing to worry about; as long as you watch some tutorials that can guide you on SpeedFan’s use, you’ll be able to grasp the basics quickly, and no matter how tech-savvy you are or aren’t, it’ll become super easy to operate this program after you put some work in learning.

Why is SpeedFan not working on my PC/laptop?

If the SpeedFan isn’t working on your PC/laptop, chances are it isn’t compatible with the motherboard because many latest models of laptops come with newer versions of motherboards. However, suppose your device’s motherboard is compatible. In that case, you might be able to fix the issue by reconfiguring the settings or asking a local PC repair shop professional to resolve the problem.

How to set up and use the SpeedFan?

The tutorial below will help you with the SpeedFan installation, setup and use. 

Control Fan Speeds With SpeedFan [Tutorial]

Final Thoughts:

Speedfan is an excellent utility for users who struggle with PC/laptop overheating issues and would like to manually control the fan speeds and its noise as per the temperature readings. Gaming enthusiasts and creatives can significantly benefit from its use. Overall, it’s a decent program that cools down your machine and keeps it functioning at optimal temperatures