How to Get a Free Laptop from the Government- Australia

How to Get a Free Laptop from the Australian Government

How to Get a Free Laptop from the Government

“We are not affiliated with any government program that provides free laptops. Our article is for information purposes only. If you want a free laptop, please contact Centrelink. Thank you.”

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and none can think about studying or working without access to a gadget that helps them connect with the resources required to excel in their career and other activities.

Today, almost every prestigious university offers online courses for students to elevate their skill level and acquire online diplomas, certifications, and even degrees from the comfort of their homes.

So, there’s no way that one can get access to all these great opportunities and give their 100 percent without having a device like a computer, tablet, or laptop that allows them to use the internet and browse through various sites.

The same thing goes with the office and remote work opportunities that make it mandatory for young and experienced professionals to have a computer in their possession to handle work tasks from anywhere.

That’s why it is so essential to own a computer or laptop in this era. However, not many can afford to have one. Folks from low-income families or depending on foundations like Centrelink support programs can get their applications approved by many non-profit organizations like WorkVentures. Rentals like Make it Mine also offer layby orders and no-interest options for these folks.

So, you can get a laptop or computer at a reduced and affordable price.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria involve anyone who relies on government programs for their income like Centrelink or has any proof of their low financial status. When it comes to Make it Mine, you can’t pay directly through the centrepay service anymore. However, your application is still taken into consideration when you’re connected to the Centrelink program.

Those who confuse the Make it Mine service with the Centrelink program must know that you don’t actually get free computers from Centrelink. You only need an association with the support program in order to fulfill the eligibility criteria for getting low-priced computers. So, if you rely on Widow’s allowance, pension, disability support pension, youth allowance, etc., you can apply for a desktop or a laptop.

The WorkVentures accept your application based on the same eligibility criteria and offer more or less the same type of purchase packages like lay-by orders in case you can’t pay upfront. You can apply on their site and if your application approves, you can get a refurbished desktop or laptop at an affordable rate. You could also check out the advanced payment options at Centrelink to arrange the money for buying the gadget.

How trustworthy are the suggested programs?

  • Make it Mine isn’t a fraud organization; however, in 2015, they violated consumer law. They failed to inform their customers about the interest rates they were being charged on their rental contracts. The amount calculated in the end turned out to be double of the retail price of the products. So, those who take on the rental option could end up paying way more than the original price of a new product in the market.

On the contrary, the options of no-interest and lay-by orders are available to customers. You can read more about the consumer law violation here.

  • Workventures is quite trustworthy because it’s a not-for-profit institute unlike Make it Mine. Their aim is to serve the Australian community by increasing technology inclusion and helping whoever is deserving to get access to a computer and internet service.

Final Thoughts:

You can’t get a laptop absolutely for free from the government, but you can apply on such sites that offer low-priced tech equipment for people struggling with their finances. You can fill out the applications online and get other important information regarding payment structure and contracts directly from their websites.